DearMira Mint Green French-DMJK336 (Semi-Cured Gel-24pcs)
DearMira Mint Green French-DMJK336 (Semi-Cured Gel-24pcs)
DearMira Mint Green French-DMJK336 (Semi-Cured Gel-24pcs)

DearMira Mint Green French-DMJK336 (Semi-Cured Gel-24pcs)

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Each DearMira Semi Cured Nail Wraps Pack Includes:
✧ 24 Semi Cured Gel Nail Wraps
(18 pcs and 4 solid color random)
✧ 1 Nail File
✧ 1 Wood Stick
✧ 2 Prep pad

✧ Smallest - 8mm in width
✧ Largest - 16mm in width
✧ Length- 22mm each nail piece

How to Apply
* 1 Clean nails and cuticles with a cotton pad.
* 2 Choose strips that match nail size. Peel off protective film.
* 3 Apply strip starting at center, pressing firmly towards edges. Leave space at cuticle. Stretch gently if needed.
* 4 Trim excess length with scissors or clippers.
* 5 File edges smooth.
* 6 Apply topcoat and cure under UV light 1-2 times for 60 seconds each

Following these steps should help you achieve a salon-quality manicure at home using gel nail strips. Enjoy your beautiful nails!

How to Remove
* 1. Apply remover liquid at nail edges to soften gel strips.
* 2. Use stick to gently lift strip edges.
* 3. Apply more remover under strips to further loosen.
* 4. Wait for strips to soften before removing.
* 5. Gently peel off each strip once softened. Avoid forcing.
* 6. Clean nails thoroughly and moisturize after removal.

By following these steps, you can safely and effectively remove the gel nail strips using the Remover. Remember to be gentle and patient during the process to maintain the health of your natural nails.

  • Affordable - DearMira are much cheaper than getting a manicure at the nail salon. You might also get 2 uses of a nail pack if you stick the excess back onto the sticker sheet for another round of manicure. Make sure to keep it away from heat and light sources!
  • Easy to apply & remove - if you know how to use a sticker, you'll know how to apply DearMira! 
  • Saves time - DearMira are quicker to apply than painting on gel polish and curing between coats or making an appointment, getting to the nail salon and getting your nails done at the salon. You can apply QUINNAS in 20 minutes or less. 
  • Durable and long lasting - they last more than 14days with proper nail preparation. 
  • Damage Free - no soaking off with harsh chemicals. Gently lift DearMira of your nails with the wooden cuticle stick. 
  • No long dry time - unlike nail polish, there is no need to wait for your nails to dry so you don't have to worry about smudges, dents or fabric/hair imprints.
  • No mess- unlike nail polish, there's no spillage or accidentally painting your fingers. 
  • No smells- unlike gel nail polish, gellaes have no smell.
  • No design skill needed- you don't need to know how to do nail art, the designs are already done on the sticker. 
  • Super fun- you can change up your nails anytime! With over 90 designs to choose from, your nails will always look fresh.
  • Practice self care- taking some time to apply DearMira is a form of practicing self-care. In this ever changing, fast-paced world, it is very important to pause and take care of yourself. Hence our tagline: pause, it's nail time!

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Give your nails a breath of fresh air with these clear gel French tips bordered in lively mint green. The see-through base puts your natural nails on display while the cool mint rims add a pop of color. In just minutes, you'll have a salon-worthy manicure that looks like you just walked out of the nail salon. 

**UV Lamp not included. You can get the UV lamp here.


24 pcs = 18 pcs Designs + 6 solid color random below)

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